Installation of bocage embankments in Scaër ->Read more

On our Scaër site, in early spring 2020, more than 2km of bocage slopes were built, partly with the support of the Cocopaq (Communauté de Communes du Pays de Quimperlé) as part of the Breizh Bocage programme. The aim of these operations is to rebuild the bocage network, which is essential for the preservation of water bodies and biodiversity.

The bocage was historically created and shaped by Man to delimit the plots. But the roles of the bocage are multiple and beneficial for both the environment and crops. This is why programmes to restore and protect the bocage are being carried out today. We have therefore chosen to plant new slopes, some of which will be planted with hedges this autumn. Strategically positioned to protect the wetlands adjacent to our plots while allowing us to maintain our fir trees in a rational manner, these landscaped elements will be a place to welcome biodiversity and also demonstrate our desire to structure our production sites in a sustainable manner.