One fir tree finished its annual growth as early as August. From that moment on, the trees are selected and marked individually. This allows customers to come and view the products they have ordered on the plot. The markings are checked several times before cutting.

The trees can be labelled with our own labels or with the customer’s own labels. The barcode is transmitted to the customer when the order is placed.


Cut or grown in pots, Greencap’s trees are individually net-wrapped for protection and ease of transport. The trees are shipped by truck either on pallets, in rolls or in boxes according to the customer’s request.


Thanks to the investments made in our platforms and the quality of our staff, Greencap is known for the punctuality of its deliveries throughout Europe.

Our vast and modern facilities are designed to receive and load all types of vehicles and packaging. Even in high season, we make it a point of honour that carriers do not wait.